Perfume is a Transportative Liquid


Perfume is a transportative liquid:

Perfume has the ability to be evoke unlimited impressions on the mind – places, objects, memories, emotions, images, etc.  A perfumer can create an aroma that approximates his or her idea of a specific place (i.e. a violin shop in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts in the early 1800s) and present it to the “sniffer.”  Perhaps the sniffer smells it and the scent conjures up the memory of a violin recital he or she played in 3rd grade, or an attic, or the woods behind his or her aunt’s house in West Virginia.  But, when the perfumer is able to describe what he or she was trying to approximate in the description of the perfume, perhaps the mind of the sniffer can join that of the perfumer’s in a sort of collective unconscious.